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Aubrie Bromlow

I grew up in small-town Montana, where I played sports and was very involved in music and community service. I moved to Seattle in 2014 for a job, after graduating with my Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Montana. I had struggled with disordered eating and negative body image for most of my high school and early college years.

How'd it all start?

It wasn’t until someone introduced me to CrossFit at the age of 18 that my perspective began to shift. I realized I needed to be properly fueled by food if I wanted to be a strong, competitive CrossFit athlete. Although I always sought after a lean physique, I ate what fueled me without really understanding what I was putting in my mouth.

After spending six years doing competitive CrossFit, I started coaching part-time at a gym in Seattle and eventually met my husband Brad who was just getting out of the Navy. We fell in love and in a matter of three months, he had me moving all the way to Houston, Texas to be with him! Brad had introduced me to bodybuilding-style lifting, which I incorporated into my CrossFit routine.

Over the three years, I lived and worked as an SLP in Houston, I began to use bodybuilding routines as my only workout scheme, simply because CrossFit was too expensive. I also began tracking macros during this time, and learning how my body responded to certain changes in numbers.

For the first time in my life, I had reached a lean physique while still being able to train with intensity and strength. I wanted to share that with everyone possible, which is why Brad and I started out Instagram pages and YouTube channel.

What's ahead?

I have now been an online coach for four years, hosting short-term programs as well as long term one-on-one coaching. I have found that my passion lies in my Memories Over Macros program, in which clients reach their muscle gain/fat loss/maintenance goals through the use of flexible eating, an encouraging group forum, weekly workouts that are ever-changing, macro coaching, and weekly live videos with me.

I feel so connected with my clients on a daily basis and I absolutely love to see the changes they’re making to not only their physiques but also to their daily lives.


  • Primary Coach of the Memories Over Macros Program


Instagram: @aubrieb!

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