Renae - Lifechanging


February of 2018 was a turning point in my life, but it wasn’t until I started searching on Instagram for fitness related posts that I came across Aubrie and her workout routines. I had already been doing some “fitness” programs during my lunch, but that just left me wanting more.

When I was in my mid 20’s I worked at a gym teaching aerobics and that’s when I first started weight lifting. I enjoyed lifting. I trained with a friend who also worked at the gym. She and I both decided that we’d try training for a fitness competition, but not knowing how to properly diet/eat left me feeling bulky.  Being 5’2” tall, bulky isn’t something you want to be … at least it wasn’t for me. 

I’ve tried every diet imaginable and never got the results I was hoping for. Fast forward to the Summer of 2018 when I started following Aubrie and many others on Instagram. I kept seeing information about MoverM, but I didn’t know what that was.  I eventually found out and decided that it was time … it was time for me and my health/fitness journey to begin. I wasn’t looking to lose weight specifically, I really just wanted to lose body fat and gain some muscle so I would feel more comfortable in my own skin.  

The first 6 week program definitely jumpstarted my journey and I’ve since signed on for the month to month program.  I’m totally addicted to this lifestyle … counting macros and following the workout programs has totally changed my life. I feel amazing … and it doesn’t hurt to hear when people tell me that I look amazing! Someone actually called me a “badass” and I took that as the best type of compliment.