Mike - Finally Succeeded


My weight loss journey has been a lifelong one to this point, and one I will probably be on for the rest of it. That’s fine but up until I joined the Memories over Macros program and group it has been a one man journey. My wife and I have always struggled with our weight and our motivations to do something about it.

We had tried all the diets, keto, weight watchers, south beach, etc… with only moderate success and then when we quit it all came flooding back. The piece we were missing was the personal support, encouragement, and accountability that we get from the MoverM group.

With help and support from Aubrie in our macros and workouts, and then the additional encouragement and accountability from the rest of the group is what has really helped us stay active and involved in the program.

As of the time I am writing this I have lost 50 pounds with the MoverM program and have another 40 to meet my goal. It’s a program that is easy to follow and she has done a great job incorporating the online group into the plan to keep everyone involved.

It’s a community of people all their to support, encourage, and hold each other accountable as we all strive to be healthier, happier, and live our own best life. Thanks Aubrie for everything and we are looking forward to the future.