Top Exercises For Growing Your Shoulders

Top Exercises For Growing Your Shoulders

In this week's blog, Aubrie Bromlow shows us some of her favorite shoulder exercises. "You guys! I love working my shoulders so I had to show you what my favorite exercises are!" (Learn more about her here)

Shoulder Workout:

First up we have Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise, this is an all around great exercise that work your side deltoid muscles, anterior deltoids as well as your middle and lower traps. I love these just because it isolates each arm and it gives me the ability to focus more on the raises. Due to the grip limitation it is best performed for moderate to high reps.

The next step is the Cable Front Raise. These will primarily target the front of your shoulders and the anterior deltoid and you may also find that it works your chest. I love to build my chest in order to work my shoulders and create that defined look. 

After the Cable Raises, I move on the Kneeling Military Press. I like to use the Smith Machine for this because it allows the bar to stay in one line and all I do is move my head. You will see my head and chin moving back when lifting the weight and I do not move the weight out in front of me. 

Next up, I like to super set the military press with the Smith Machine High Pulls. This will increase your shoulder and upper back strength, it targets your traps, the upper and mid back, as well as the deltoids. 

I saved the best for last! I LOVE lateral raises in general, it doesn't matter if its cables or dumbbells. The first variation you will see is knuckles out, so I have my knuckles going away from my body. The next variation is Dumbbell Lateral Raises Thumbs Up (thumbs out), My thumbs are out driving up towards the ceiling. This exercise you will feel in the mid and front section of your deltoid. Choose a weight that is light enough where you are using your deltoids to raise the weight up.

The last variation is Dumbbell Lateral Raise Pinkies Up - I am driving my pinkies up towards the ceiling. This will primarily work the rear delt, which is really important if you want to build a well rounded shoulder.

A message from Aubrie!

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