Number on the Scale

Just a little backstory to give you guys a full picture here. From ages 15-21, I struggled with Anorexia and binge eating. I never felt like I was enough and I always, always hated how I looked. When I was around 20 I started working out religiously, it was my safe place and my me time but my nutrition was always really lacking. I wouldn’t eat what I should and if I saw the number on the scale too high I just simply wouldn’t eat until it was where I wanted it – even if that meant weight multiple times a day. I’m now 22 and I decided to do MoverM because Aubrie really has been an inspiration for me. 8 weeks is all it took for me to truly love myself. Aubrie pushes you to be the best you can be, but is so supportive the whole way through. It isn’t a “quick fix” but it is a life style change. And that’s exactly what I needed. I can honestly say I’ve never loved myself or who I see in the mirror more than I do today. I’m so appreciative of doing this program.