Helped Me See The Potential In Myself

This 8 week challenge has been worth every penny. I've wanted to do one of these challenges for a really long time, but was always scared to invest the money. So when I got it as my gift for my 35th birthday, I knew it was time to take action.

The program's just been so beneficial, and before I got it, I did go to the gym and I did work out but I didn't really know how to build a good workout. The workouts provided in this program have been so challenging but so rewarding. I've seen so much growth, both mentally and physically, in the last 6 weeks.

I love the app, I love badges you get when you get a PR, those badges help drive me to continue challenging myself as I want to get as many as I can each workout.

I'm also surprised by how much I've loved the Facebook group. I've never been one to post about my fitness and health on social media, so having a private group of likeminded people that I can discuss those things with and I can encourage and be encouraged by is just really nice. There's no judgement there, it's just encouragement, it's swapping techniques and recipes with people, it's swapping struggles that we all have to push ourselves through.

I love the weekly videos with Aubrie, she's there to answer any questions that pop up throughout the week. I love her weekly challenges that give me something new to focus on every week, and something to reflect on every week. It keeps things fresh and keeps things from getting monotonous, and then I can progress onto something new every time she gives us new challenges.

Thank you so much for the program, it's really helped me see so much potential in myself and my body where I didn't think there was any. I cannot wait to do this again.

- Katie