What Exercise Do Most People Perform Incorrectly?

What Exercise Do Most People Perform Incorrectly?


Today we’re gonna go over an exercise that I feel like the most people perform incorrectly in the gym. Do you have any guesses as to what it is?

If you guessed the dumbbell row, you’d be correct!

Making these mistakes can not only slow down your progress, but can also lead to injury if repeated often enough and under too heavy of a weight.

You’ve seen those people in the gym, heaving those 120lbs dumbbells like they are trying to crank a lawnmower. Follow these tips and let me know if you feel a difference!

Tip #1

Don’t put the opposite knee on the bench. Instead, support yourself with your non-rowing hand on the bench.

Tip #2

Stand with both of your legs planted flat on the floor to provide you with a steady base to pull from.

Tip #3

Pull your scapula back and row with your arm slightly tucked being in line with your shoulders. Row straight up rather than towards your hip – that will engage more lat and take away from your target of the upper and mid-back muscles, which is usually the goal with a movement like this.

Tip #4

Don’t look up. Keep your head and spine neutral to stay braced safely and correctly.

Tip #5

Most importantly, don’t ego lift! As much as throwing around some of the biggest dumbbells in the gym may seem like a cool-looking idea, it’s not. Using a weight too heavy that leads to form breakdown can cause injuries that can knock you out of the gym for weeks if not months.

Remember: when it comes to any lift, you control the weight, not the other way around.

I hope these help and can be useful the next time you perform this exercise!

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