There Are No Shortcuts

There Are No Shortcuts

I sometimes get asked to bust fitness myths. And the biggest myth out there, the one that really gets on my nerves is that there is some sort of shortcut to getting the dream physique.

It seems like everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you their new hack, their new diet plan, or new workout technique.

Now don't get me wrong. There are multiple effective diets out there. But whether it's keto, intermittent fasting, or carb cycling, they're all essentially trying to achieve the same thing. They're all just ways to restrict your caloric intake in order to lose weight.

So the method may be different, but the intended result is the same.

It's easy to fall in love with the idea of a shortcut because you think you're gonna get better results. But it doesn't work like that. There are no shortcuts. Only different paths.

The reason you admire someone's physique is because you know how much time and effort it took for them to get there. If it were as easy as finding the no-effort "hack" then there wouldn't be anything particularly special about it. Anyone would be able to do it.

And the truth is that almost anyone can do it. And they do very much need to find the path that works for them. They have to find the one that will keep them consistent and motivated. But if you're only looking for a shortcut, there isn't one.

Whatever path you take, it comes down to tracking macros, being consistent, and working out. Arrange those elements in different ways. Apply different methods. But no matter what path you choose, they all have to be present.

So stop chasing shortcuts that don't exist and are only designed to take your money. Start walking the path that works for you. Keep pressing on and you'll get there.

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