Meet Josh Kreifels, one of our coaches!

Meet Josh Kreifels, one of our coaches!

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Josh has been a coach with Memories Over Macros since Aubrie expanded the team beyond just herself. A masters-level trained and registered dietitian, Josh brings a unique scope and passion to the MoM team based on his experience in sports, bodybuilding and functional medicine.

Josh's Education

Possessing a masters degree in Nutrition from the Bastyr University in Kirkland, WA, a highly respected natural medicine school with programs committed to healing through mind, body and spirit, Josh believes that food is the ultimate health promoter and disease prevention, if used correctly.

The globalization of the food supply has led to government subsidized farming, which typically results in monocropping. Monocropping is the practice of planting a single product repeatedly in the same farming area. This causes the soil to become depleted of nutrient diversity. Since the onset of monocropping over the last 50 years, nutrient content in farming soil has drastically reduced. As a result, many food products are artificially enriched with various vitamins and minerals in order to meet the recommended daily intake.

Josh moved across the country to complete his required dietetic internship at the University of Houston. Moving from one of the healthiest cities in the nation to the South was a bit of a transition for Josh. The South has historically been known for high sugar and fat diets with increasing rates of obesity and diabetes. One of Josh's favorite rotations was at a renal dialysis center in southeast Houston. Many of the patients on dialysis were obese and continued to eat fast food and drink large sodas while sitting in the dialysis chair for 4 hours a day, 3 times a week.

While end stage renal disease is very heart breaking, Josh felt he needed to promote healthy habits for his clients and peers in order to prevent them from being part of the big agricultural, big pharma disease promoting system.

Josh's Experience

In his experience as a coach, Josh has worked with over 500 individuals seeking to find a way to sustain a healthy diet, weight loss and health promoting principles. Through multiple challenges, Josh has been able to teach his clients the importance of whole foods. He has seen many individuals succeed in their weight loss journey who have previously tried every diet out there with little to no success. Josh believes diets work as long as the method is sustainable for the individual.

What separates Josh from other coaches is his empathy and compassion towards his clients. Josh's personal testimony, which includes a history of coping with disordered eating, helping his wife recover from an eating disorder, and professional work in an eating disorder clinic, gives him a deeper understanding of the psychology behind eating. A positive relationship with food is so pivotal in the long term health and success for clients.

Josh is a follower of Jesus and believes he has been given the ability from God to coach with compassion and integrity. He's also a firm believer of putting the client's needs first and encourages them to push through, especially when things are hard. Josh has coached multiple clients recovering from eating disorders and loves to see people break free from the mental battles surrounding food.

Josh's Mission

As a registered dietitian, Josh is able to use his skill set to dig deeper into the health needs of his clients. His passion for functional medicine is seen in his clinical practice, as he works to find the root cause of various symptoms and supports various body systems in order to manage symptoms. There are so many things we are exposed to on a daily basis, such as air pollution, water contaminants, environmental toxins, herbicides, pesticides, GMO foods, synthetic chemicals in cosmetics, household cleaners, mold, parasites, etc.

Josh uses plant based medicine protocols to open up energy and drainage pathways to support the fundamental components of health. A person with too much body fat likely has poor drainage pathways, poor mitochondrial function, digestive issues and hormonal dysfunction.

Josh believes there are ways that we can support our health through natural measures such as sauna, cold water therapy, enamas, lymph massage, red light therapy, hyperbaric, and more. He would love to empower you to be a healer in your own home and help you get unlocked and live a vibrant and sustainable life.

More about Josh Kreifels (Our team)

I spent three years working in a family-owned supplement store where I molded my passion for natural approaches to health promotion and disease prevention. I believe in the healing power of food. My graduate work has equipped me with the knowledge to understand the biochemical metabolism of food into functional healing and performance. In addition to food and fitness, I focus on variables such as sleep, stress, supplementation, and mindset to get the most out of my clients physically, mentally, and hormonally. I am eager to help sift through the dense information available surrounding nutrition in order to help you establish a health-promoting lifestyle. I encourage my clients to ASK me questions to maximize their learning they can out of my time with them!

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