Montana Vlog - Leg Day with DLB

Montana Vlog - Leg Day with DLB

In this week's blog, Brad and Aubrie travel to Montana! They stop by Dana Linn Bailey's gym to run through a brutal leg day! 

The Workout

At the Flag Nor Fail Gym, Aubrie, Brad and Dana hit a full leg day! This was an intense level up from Aubrie and Brad's usual workout regiment. 

Dana likes to use intensifier techniques such as pre-exhaustion and supersets. Using multiple pieces of equipment is ideal, however don't worry about it if you don't have access to it or you train at a very crowded gym.

Pre-exhaustion can be helpful because once you get to the compound movement, you do not have to go as heavy (even though due to the fatigue, it will still feel just as taxing).

They started the workout with hamstring curls and a vertical leg press to target the hamstrings and glutes. 

Once those two were done, Dana chose to do some leg extensions to get the blood flowing. Brad suggested they try doing a Sissy Hack Squat - Something Dana has never tried before.

A Sissy Squat is a very difficult quad movement that involves a ton of stability and strength throughout your joints and tendons. It's a great isolation movement that can be used as a finisher or even alternative to the Leg Extension, since it absolutely toasts the VMO muscle (teardrop shaped muscle in your quad).

If you go to the gym, they might have a Sissy Squat setup that help you adjust to the movement by supporting your calves and locking your feet in place. If your balance is not stable the Sissy Squat Bench is ideal to start with.

Combining the sissy squat AND hack squat is very difficult so always remember to have someone help you attempt this exercise.

However, Dana and Aubrey decided the Sissy Squats were a no-go, so they did Heel Elevated Goblet Squats instead. For these, place a weight plate underneath each of your heels about shoulder width apart. Then hold a kettlebell or dumbbell and squat deep as with any squat variation.

They finished off the workout with the Abductor Machine and some hip thrusts to fully toast the glutes. 

Supplements to help

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