Healthful Holidays

Healthful Holidays



In this week's blog, we talk about the best ways to stay on track during the holidays while still cherishing the food and making the best memories. When it comes to the holiday feasts, we can all get carried away, eat way too much, and then regret it later on. We end up with unwanted extra pounds and vowing to make New Years' Resolutions to get rid of them. If only there were a way around this...

Holidays Don't Have To Be Intimidating!

Make sure to enjoy yourself, the company, and the food. Follow some of the tips below to have a stress-free holiday season.

  • Before the holiday cooking begins, start your day off right with a healthy and protein-packed breakfast such as eggs with fruit & toast or protein oatmeal. Making time to exercise before dinner will also ease some of your worries about eating too much.
  • Staying conscious of what you are eating during the holidays does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of the delicious food we all know and love. Holding yourself back from eating what you want can actually make you want the food more!
  • The first thing to do is to take an inventory of the foods that are offered and available. That way, you can choose where you want to splurge, what you can avoid, and what you can have a small portion of.
  • The next step is to eat slowly and listen to your body when it starts becoming full. Listening to your hunger cues will help significantly! Take a break from eating, drink some water or even spend some time talking with a family member. Then, circle back to the food area to see if you are still hungry.
  • Just a reminder that alcohol can mess these cues up, especially if consumed in large amounts. Make sure to stay hydrated with water and electrolytes. 
  • Another great way to help ease your mind about eating too much is by taking a walk with friends or family members after dinner. If there are grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or your own kids - make them a part of the fun!

The holidays are full of family, friends, great food, and great memories. But they aren’t always compatible with a healthy lifestyle. When the holiday season comes along, it’s easy to get out of the routine that we typically maintain such as healthy eating and exercise.

Mix It Up

Healthy eating does not mean that you have to give up your holiday favorites. All it takes is a few modifications to what you put onto your plate. Use less butter, substitute mayonnaise with yogurt, and bake the turkey instead of frying it. With these simple ideas, you can still enjoy the holidays without stressing out.


Coupled together, all those festive parties and the stress that the holidays can bring can mean a hit to our overall well-being from November to New Year’s. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Fortunately, with a few tricks, it’s possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round. 

Again, eat before you arrive and then survey the different types of food available. Start with small portions and listen to your hunger cues. Don't panic if you eat too much (it happens), just drink some water and take a walk! Stressing out over the holidays about food is not what is important, just be mindful and you'll be fine! Remember, the memories are the most important.

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