How to Calculate Your Macros

How to Calculate Your Macros



In this week's blog, Brad explains macros, calories, and how to calculate them!

The Basics

A simple rule of thumb for maintenance calories: multiply bodyweight by 10-18x based on activity. For example, I work a pretty sedentary job so I would probably use 200lbs x 12. On the other hand, someone who works out seven days a week and is always on their feet could probably use x18.

Following this example, if I have 200g of protein, thats 800 calories out of the 2400 calories. I like to set a minimum for fat at 25% for hormone and other health reasons, but other than that I don't have any standard for fat and carbs. That would be 0.25x2400 = 600 calories, which is about 65g of fat since fat has 9 calories per gram. That leaves us with 1000 for carbs which would be 250g, however the amount of carbs and fats is really up to personal preference!

I think a lot of people on their weight loss journey can get overwhelmed with calories and macronutrients. I've found that having a protein goal and an overall calorie goal while letting my carbs and fats be more fluid has helped me maintain a more sustainable diet for me. Some days you can eat 200p, 100f, and 175c (which is 2400 calories) while other days you can eat 200p, 65f, 254c (which is still 2400 calories).

Macros are individual

Also, a final thing about macros is there are specific to you and only you, just like personal finances. I can wish to have Elon Musks' budget all day, but I don't.

Two people can be the same height and weight and work the same job but one person is a fidgeter that takes his dogs on 2 walks a day, thus he will burn considerably more calories than his similar-sized coworker. Quit being obsessed with other people's macros and what they eat.

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