Build A Balanced Plate

Build A Balanced Plate



Let's talk about Macronutrients!

Tracking macros is the process of adding up the macros in your food that is consumed throughout the day and making sure you are consuming an appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for your fitness goals.

There are different levels of this, such as consuming a strict meal plan, or something much more relaxed such as IIFYM (If-It-Fits-Your-Macros) which is basically allowing yourself some junk food here and there as long as your daily macro goals are still hit. It may sound a little daunting and difficult at first, which could be a reason why some don't even attempt to try it.

However, it's much easier than you may think, especially when you start off small; just like with any endeavor, there is no need to dive right into the deep end just to overwhelm yourself and quit the first day. Graphics like these can be valuable tools when starting your macro-tracking journey.

It can be a great tool for providing structure in eating specific amounts of each macronutrient. Taking time to track macros can be helpful when trying to understand portion sizes and the makeup of meals.

What's for dinner?

To help you with getting started, we created this simple infographic that sums up the goal of creating a balanced meal without directly tracking macros in a nutritional app. We hope this photo helps as a guide for your meals. Tracking macros is our starting point at MoverM, as it teaches clients about portion sizes and being flexible with their eating (yes you can have Cheetos if you want!)

BUT, the goal is not to track macros forever. Use it as a tool to get to your goal, then phase it out, and if your body needs a refresher later on when you have a new goal then you have it in your knowledge base to be able to utilize in the future!​​​​​​​​"

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