Ladies! Do you find yourself bloated throughout the day?

In this week's blog, we go over some of the reasons why bloating occurs and how to prevent it.

Too much water at once

Drinking large amounts of water at once can cause a feeling of discomfort similar to bloating. Since it takes up a lot of space it can often make you feel like your stomach is extremely full. However, this should pass quickly, as water itself does not cause bloating in healthy individuals.

Watch what you eat

Veggies can lead to bloating when our portions are not monitored, specifically raw veggies. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, and carrots can cause bloat. Be conscious of the specific veggies that cause you to bloat and limit your intake. Foods that can also cause bloating are dairy, beans, wheat, and alcohol sugars.

Other factors

Introducing new foods or probiotics may cause you to bloat at first, so give your body time to adjust. Your body retains water from electrolyte imbalance, changes in activity level, or training regiment.

Having inconsistent bowel movements can cause discomfort and bloat. Look into a supplement that is gentle enough to help stay regular.

Another reason could be eating too fast and we do not give our body time to digest it. Instead, we fill our stomachs all at once and with too much food. Eating smaller portions throughout the day will prevent needing to eat a bigger meal all at once, which similar to a large amount of water at once, can expand the stomach and cause uncomfortable fullness.

Being lactose intolerant can cause bloating as well as during your menstrual cycle. Many foods can help reduce bloating such as avocados, cucumbers, yogurt, berries, bananas, and asparagus just to name a few.

Remember: Everybody is different when it comes to feeling bloated, and while it is very difficult to avoid completely, it is very important to learn your body and what you can do to limit how often it happens.

Supplements to help

Here is a supplement I wanted to highlight that can help your digestion & gut health! Regulate-GI from PEScience.

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  • +Dual-acting fiber to support normal bowel regularity,
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  • Start with 1 capsule, 1-2 times per day, and slowly increase dose by 1 capsule per day until desired results are achieved. Then maintain that daily dosing. Constipated users will typically land on a 6-9 capsule per day schedule, while those going too-often will land in the 2-6 capsule per day range.